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"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."
~ Mark Twain


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The Raw Divas

Hello Raw Divas!

Great job, great site! I was pointed to your website in the class I taught last night in San Francisco, where 2 ladies are doing your detox program.

Keep up the great work helping our world by providing guidance, info, and by being radiant role models!

All the best,

~ Ani Phyo

I just love you guys. What a great book. I think you are beyond genius and beyond wonderful!


~ Roe Gallo

"Your emails and publications are always so uplifting and cute, just for Divas! I am starting with a 10 day cleanse and I am going to try to be in control instead of my inner brat that always needs a treat for something. I am going to do my best toeat raw and a lot more green after my fast. I am going to do one day at a time approach. Thanks for your help and support. I know this is the right way to live and eat, I just have been waffeling between two worlds.2008 is my year of victory! Thanks again!"


Dear Amy and Tara,

I really welcome yor new website. I am so happy to have another place to know more about the benefits of a Raw Food Diet. I live in Argentina, and here there are few references to this way of living. In fact, I am practically a raw foodist and that is something that not too many people can understand.

I would love to improve my diet and am becoming better every day. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you need any assistance in Argentina.

And again, thanks you for the opening to women a great healthy web!!!!

~ Carolina

This web page of yours and Amy's is turning out to be fabulous !!!! I love it !!!! Makes me feel good everytime I go and check things out. You guys should be very proud of yourselves.

You guys deserve success !!!

Hugs from,

~ Trudy

Hi Amy and Tera,

I just wanted to introduce myself and say thanks for your great website! It's AWESOME!!! I will be doing the raw detox with you!

My name is Melanie and I have been interested and involved with "alternative" health in my own life for over 30 years. I have done the gamut of all diets and have water fasted for 14 and 21 days; once with Dr. Fuhrman and once with Dr. Scott. I now mostly eat vegan and many raw foods, but not 100%. Of course I get off track at times, like now, but am looking forward to the detox. For years I was involved with Natural Hygiene and went to their conventions.

I look forward to being part of your group! Thanks!


~ Melanie

Dear Tera and Amy,

I am a raw foodist (6-1/2 years) living in good old TO and I just heard about your beautiful new business and website.

I just wanted to tell you both that I love your website, your blog and your friendly and very inclusive way of writing. I also really like the way that you are building a community. Many congratulations and keep up the great work.

I wish you both much joy, happiness and success.

Hugs to you both,

~ Ann

Wow- Thanks so much- you are both so very very special and I have appreciated you both so much this 2007 year-- Thank you both for starting this unique business of helping others and sharing. Always sharing. And last but not least-- Amy- Yikes- what a wonderful artist you are- simply amazing. HAPPY NEW YEAR DIVA'S!

~ Sherrie Humphry

Hi Tera and Amy,

I sent three friends an email to join us and called them so they are on board too. I am excited. I miss our time in Body Enlightenment. I am glad that you are starting an all- ladies program. Very cool.




...........for the 2008 workbook!! I really appreciate it - it is simply beautiful!! I just today started to work on my Dreamboard for 2008 (better late than never)."

Hugs, Kisses, Love and Best Wishes for 2008!

~ Susan

Dear Tera and Amy,

I'm really loving your e-mails and I look forward to the 7 day detox. I haven't succeeded with a raw food "diet" yet and I'd like to very much. I'm 54 and all of a sudden it seems that the signs of aging are appearing: weight gain, elbow tendonitis, not sleeping as well, exercise laziness. Holy crap! I'm ready for a change and I'm finding your e-mails supportive, light-hearted, serious and empathetic. Keep them coming! Thank-you for creating a raw site by and for women.

Love and hugs back, Julie

Hey Gals,

My name is Kate and I am a yoga teacher and grad student here in montreal. i have been hooked on raw foods since july of 2004. I wanted to offer you my support and congratulations.

In Oneness,

~ Kate

"Thank you Amy and Tera !!!! What a wonderful New Year's Gift. We only have another 3 1/2 hours until midnight ... how exciting !! Wishing you both a Rawsome 2008 !!"

Love and Hugs,

~Christine (NZ)

The raw divas are amazing! You are the catalyst for fundamental change in my relationship with food. Thank you thank you thank you....

~ Denise

I signed up for 7 day detox. A couple of years ago I lost 50 lbs. and have maintained that. I am 57, have bone on bone arthritic knee and sagging skin. I have played around with raw and maintained what I have lost, but seem to be treading water. I am addicted to cooked food. Raw breakfast and lunch, but then when I have to cook for carnivore husband I eat cooked sometimes. Not especially meat but veggies, mashed potatoes. I KNOW RAW IS THE WAY TO EAT. I DO SO WANT TO DO IT. I feel like if I could get thru 2 weeks I would have a good foothold. So far I can't seem to get 2 days in a row. Is there any hope for me? I do really think an all women thing is really good. Noone else would really understand what we are going through. Thanks for your emails, they are very encouraging.

Love and Peace,

~ Joyce

Dear Raw Divas,

Thank you so much for opening the door to so many of us raw divas! I am excited about your web site. Good luck in your new adventure!


~ Vicki

Hi Amy,

Your website is absolutely beautiful, fun, whimsical, exciting and informative.

I too am a raw foodie and commend you on your creativity and business savvy ideas.

Good Luck,

~ Michele

Hi Tera,

I am so excited to see you back in action. Your website is fabulous, such great energy!!

Thanks so much,

~ Yvonne

Hi Amy,

I browsed through your www.therawdivas.com web site, and found it informative, colorful and fascinating. I will browse through it more when I have a bit more time.

I wish you much success with both ONE Group and The Raw Divas businesses.

Best regards,

~ Joanne


By me finding out about your program through a blog, you've gotten my wife so excited that she registered to get all the information on her own computer! This is the first time in a long time that my wife has been excited enough to do something healthy about her diet with me. We've been doing Tai Chi for a little over a year now, and hopefully this will be the 2nd great step toward a healthy life!

~ Bob


Once again thanks for all the support and inspiration. You girls are terrific!

~ Sherrie

Your humility and openness.....willingness to be aware, honest, and responsible is indicative of a highly evolved being. It's an honor to be a part of this group.

~ Vicki Craine

Why would a guy want to ever be associated with a bunch of "Raw Divas". Sorry, but sitting around a table, belching, drinking beer, and talking about sports, followed by consoling each other over the death of a friend while ignoring the fact that we're all eating the same foods as the dead guy, just isn't as exciting as spending time with people who are concerned about living!

The Raw Divas don't care who you are. They don't care about where you come from. They don't care about your race, color, creed, or sexual orientation. They're concerned about you being you, and living life to its fullest through a positive, and fun approach to eating combined with personal expansion. My wife and I did the 7 Day Detox, and had a wonderful time. Not only did we feel better, but it brought us closer together. We worked together in food prep, and making healthy choices. They provide a solid base through the 7 Day Detox for someone who is interested in living life to its fullest!

The enthusiasm of Tera and Amy is so refreshing. I didn't stop smiling for hours after their teleseminars. The Divas have developed a community which deserves to grow!

Attorney Robert S. Bush
Westerville, OH

The High Heels Newsletter


~Kristen Suzanne

Owner, Kristen's Raw

fun! fun! fun!
luv it! luv it! luv it!

~ Shannon Leone

Hi Tera and Amy,

Thought you should know, I think the material is very colourful and informative. The 7 Day Diva Detox booklet is great. I have to say I already knew all the information, but I like the way you put it together. It's simple and doable, which will make it easy for a lot of people.

I've been so busy making raw meals for clients and classes that I teach, that I forgot how simple it should be. Thanks for reminding me.

Take Care and Lots Of Love,

~ Monique

Hey Tera and Amy,

I know how very busy you must be, but… I just had to tell you once again how very beautiful your newsletter is and I just love the format, colors and information.

Keep up the good work, BIG SMILE AND BIG HUGS TO YOU BOTH

~ Geny

Have read, re-read, and forwarded your astute and timely article in the recent issue of Health in High Heels on tolerance among the leaders of the raw food movement.

You make several strong points that we'd all do well to remember. 
• Regardless of the 'level' of the raw food lifestyle we have attained or hope to attain, there is so much more to our lives than our meal plan. 
• And certainly what's right for one may not be what's right for another. 
•  Banding together in a truly united spirit of brotherhood / sisterhood will do more to further the cause than divisive chest thumping and soap box ranting.

Thanks for speaking out and thanks, too, to both you and Amy for founding a company that strives to be inclusive. 

Exclusivity will not change the world.  It will only alienate the very folks we aim to help.  Keep up the great work and know you are highly esteemed and much appreciated.

~ Joyce

Hello Tera and Amy,

I loved this newsletter and I can't wait to try the gazpacho soup, it sounds divine. Thankyou.

Love and Warm wishes,

~ Dawn

The 7-Day Diva Detox

I so want to encourage the divas to hang in there.  Today I weighed 36 pounds less than when I started, I am so happy with my results.  Thank you both again.

Blessings to you for all you are doing, please do not stop, you are helping to change lives.

~ Cherry

Girls Girls Girls,

You ladies are amazing. Truly wonderful and I wish you both the best of luck with this new business. What a brainstorm. What a wonderful ideal.

You have both been such a tremendous support and encouragement. I am going to look into the BES but I wanted to take a moment to thank the both of you. I have been RAW over a year and had slipped a bit lately and this DEXTOX was exactly what I needed. THANK YOU both very much. I have loved the dailey e-mails : ) I find I run to my computer after work just to read them. I
will miss that. Thank you both for coming into my life in a special way.

~ Sherrie

Hi Amy and Tera,

I"m on day 4 and all seems to be going well.  This is a very revealing exercise is how I relate to food.  My journal has been dedicated to this topic ;)

The only thing I can share at this moment in terms of recipes, is that when i am blending a drink with kale or swiss chard, I like to throw in mint to just cut the overly "green" taste sometimes.  It's really just a preference thing, because there are days that I just love that great earthy taste.  Herbs like mint, parsley and coriander do the trick for me.

Lots of love to you both.....you are two amazing women, mothers, lovers and entrepreneurs!

~ Ellie

I have had so many amazing things happen since I started the Detox that it's almost impossible to believe them myself...tinnitus gone, high blood pressure gone, high blood pressure meds (3 pills/day) down to 1/2 pill/day and soon to be gone, 12 pounds gone, rough, cracked heels gone, shoulder and knee injuries almost gone, depression almost gone. It has been a fantastic week and a half, that's for sure. These are problems I've had for years, and they just went away...so quickly (and at my age, too).

Thanks again to you and Amy for providing this Detox plan for all of us. I will always be grateful that you put me on the path to good health and gave me a road map so I could make it happen.

~ Shaun

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to thankyou for the awesome work you are doing to help us ladies out there. I am feeling great, and cant BELIEVE how great I'm feeling (and looking!!) after just a few days. I have cheekbones again!!! I know thats a weird thing to say, but as a German-Australian, I seem to put weight on my face first - its the first sign of toxicity for me. I feel amazing, and I've even noticed everything about me has become more regular and healthy. Its been really, really hard because I'm living in the South of Australia (Melbourne) for the first time, so I'm in Winter. I have a bloody awful flu that I cant shake, but I'm getting out there, pumping fruit and veg and pilates and swimming into my routine and even though my head's still foggy from being sick, I feel physically so much lighter! Its a blessing to have your support. Thankyou for doing what I should've done myself - you are both wonderful, angelic innovators!!!

Thank you again, you rock!!

~ Shelly

Thank you lovely ladies,

I am on my fifth day and am rather proud of myself as I have never done a detox or anything like this before. It has gone well and thank you for all your wonderful support, it is truly a pleasure to be here.

Thank you, thank you thank you again,

Love and thoughts,
~ Guinevere

I loved sharing the detox experience. I felt amazing during that week and wasn't hungry which shocked me. Unfortunately I spent the following weekend with friends and had sugar overload which my body hated but it does show that a diet without sugar is far better for me.


Hi Tera,

First, I would just like to say BRAVO!!!! The 7 day detox literally changed my life. As I told you on the final call I lost 10 pounds...but that is not the kicker. I lost those 10 pounds during what would have been my PMS time. Usually I GAIN weight. Actually, I did not even realize I was PMSing because I did not have the usual symptoms. It sort of just snuck up on me, and that has not happened in years. I am not experiencing the debilitating tiredness either. I know without a doubt it is because of the detox.

After the detox I have continued to eat consciously. I know I will never go back to the way I was...I can't

I would like to know when the next BES will be offered, for my situation will be much improved in a few weeks, just not in time for the start of this one. I would love to do it and will pay FULL price!!!

Thanks for all of your support, I definitely plan on joining the Sisterhood until I can do the BES.

Many Hugs!

~ Pamela

Dear Tera and Amy,

The "emotional eating" e-mail is fantastic. Everything you send out to all of us is fantastic! You're fantastic! I'm so excited to be doing the de-tox with 700 other women. There was a book in the 70's that was the "bible" of the women's movement for many of us; it's called "Sisterhood is Powerful". Fot the first time in a long time I'm feeling that same surge of group sisterhood energy that was so important to me back then. Wow! Divas Unite!!!

Love, Julie

Amy & Tera:

First, thanks so much for the 7 day detox. I had been struggling with my diet for several months and had just about given up on going back on raw until your program came along. I'm back on, 100%!!! It's day 5 and already my skin is glowing, I'm sleeping better and I'm not obsessing about food. This is AMAZING.

I'm better able to focus on much more interesting and exciting things in my life now. Who wants to waste their time thinking about food and recuperating from overeating?! Not me! There is so much more to do in life and I'm going for it!

~ Kazzrie

Hi Tera and Amy

I was very excited to see your new website - I have been feeling lately that I need more encouragement along the way.

18 months ago I went 100% raw for medical/weight reasons and was so so surprised and excited about the results I couldn't keep my mouth closed! I didn't intend to tell anyone what I was doing. I have two young girls and have always been very careful about going on "diets". In the end I had a handful of friends going raw not long after my first month. Two of my close friends have stuck it out.

I can't say I am very happy with what "stuck it out" looks like for me at the moment - I am sitting at about 50% and it is not enough for my body. A few kilos have snuck back on, my energy levels have dropped and a few aches are coming back. Time to up the ante!

Looking forward to the kickstart your detox is going to give me!

~ Belinda

Hi Tera and Amy!

I was very excited to see that you were starting a Diva Raw Food site engineered by women for women. Not that it isn't important for men to eat live foods too but, women and men both have unique needs for their bodies. I always enjoy the understanding and kinship that you experience when women join energies together towards a common goal.

I am looking forward to the 7 day detox and the journey with both of you towards better choices for my body.

Blessings and best regards to you both!

~ Coletom1

Hi There,

I wanted to let you know how much my sprouts have sprouted and i'm enjoying them sooooooo much... so crunchy and yummy... they have helped immensley.

i have learned a lot from the detox, especially about reading my body. Thank you so much for sharring your love of raw foods with us. I plan to continue with your sampler of the 30 day program you offered and look forward to my continued progress of thinking with clarity, acknowleging my emotions and pausing to understand them, the productivity and use of my time, increased bowel movements, weight loss and more direction and purpose with my life

Thank you and best wishes for continued success and bringing on board all those of like thoughts.

~ Marsha

I just wanted to thank you for offering the detox and I am so excited to begin. I just wanted to say thanks and am excited to learn and lose from you.

In Gratitude,

~ Sue

Hi Girls,

I'm really looking forward to a lovely little clean. I have just come back from a fasting retreat in France, but I feel so lovely, that I just want to carry on feeling this way! And I think this little cleanse sounds great.

I'm excited with you!

Thank you so much for putting it on. Hopefully, I can convince my Mum to join as well...finger's crossed.

Much love,

~ Emma

GOOD MORNING!!! This may just be the morning air talking (hee hee) or the sound of the birds chirping that has me giddy...but I am so happy to have joined Raw divas!!! I mean what other site can give you so much information, reply faster than a speeding bullet to any and all of your questions, and allow you to continue on with an awesome program free of charge! I could run around the house stark naked and scare all my lizards (and furniture) if I was not still sore from the workouts this week!!! Thank you for everything! I absolutely want to do the next BES...and next payday I am upping my subscription!!! Love it...love it!!! Blessed be and Happy New Years!

~ Love Selina!!!


I'm so excited that you have started this community of women. Especially Raw women, as I have found it very difficult to be raw on my own.

Thank you so much. I knew when I "met" you through the Body Enlightenment program and spoke with you on the phone that we would continue to reconnect at just the right moments in life. You are a blessing to me and I am grateful.

With love and gratitude,

~ Nancy

Hello there Raw Divas Extraordinaire!

Thank you for a lovely book! Here I was looking at my Create 2008! note book thinking that I needed to make my scribblings clearer and held together with a clear line of intent and your present arrived in my email box. What synchonistic timing! Wishing you and the Rwa Diva program the most wonderful refreshing, revitalising and deliciously raw 2008."


~ Melody

Hello Tera and Amy,

thank you for your most encouraging words with visuals :) I am so ready and look forward to starting the transformation process.

Thank you both for all your help!

Best Regards,

~ Marsha

Hi Ladies,

AWESOME job on the call tonight! I am so ready for this week!

Thanks again for tonight. You girls ROCK!

Hugs from Florida!

~ Melissa

Hi Tera and Amy,

It's Jayna'. I would reccommend this detox for anyone who wants to get a control over their eating and anyone who wants a break from the "What to eat what to eat?"crisis.

On the 7 day detox, I conquered some emotional reasons behind why I eat, lost 4.5 pounds and gained tremendous energy. I overcame my huge dependence on fat in my 100% raw diet and realized that I have to work at keeping it out of my diet in such large quantities. I fell in love with just grabbing and eating fruits....green smoothies.....life itself.

If you are thinking of doing the detox...do it!!! YOU ARE WORTH�IT!

Warm Wishes,


Dear Raw Divas!

Last night call was great- I can't wait to see the the 30 day program.

I love the gift also- you ladies rock!

~ Queen

Hi Divas,

My 7 day detox experience was wonderful! Even though I was a raw food eater for the past 2 years, I did not realize how unbalanced I was eating. I consumed way too much fat(avocados and nuts) and too much salt.

This detox program made me realize the importance of balance even on the raw food diet. Thank you very much! I would not have discovered this without you! Thank you for the support through your daily e-mails and the beginning and ending teleconference. I had fun!

Keep up the good work!
From your ever grateful friend,


Hi Tera and Amy,

This detox week has truly been life changing for me. I considered myself a healthy eater, but I never felt good. I had back pain, sinus problems and never really had great energy. I cannot believe that after just one week I could feel so different. I have been walking everyday with no pain. My head just feels so clear. I have been sleeping through the night which I didn't do before, and I have been remembering my dreams every night. After feeling this great you do not want to go back to eating the wrong kinds of food. This was an amazing experience for me. What a wonderful program you have created. You have given everyone who tries it, the gift of good health. Thank you so much.

~ Michelle

I am totally excited and can hardly believe I am doing this. I just wanted to also tell you, this is my time....I have wanted to do this for four years and it was the detox with everyone that did it! I cannot thank you enough. I feel wonderful and feel good about myself and my eating for the first time in my life, finally after 60 years, it is about time I think, but never too late. The weight is a bonus of course, but eating right...nothing can compare with how I feel. Thank you thank you thank you again!

Wishing you the best...

~ Cherry

Thank you for these aids. I am very excited that I have the chance to participate, i was recently diagnosed with ms. I have notices already that my gait has improved and my balance as well. I am hoping that even after the 7 day detox the raw food diet will conitue to put the sympoms in remission.

~ Sylvia

Hi Tera,

Thanks for all the encouragement you are sending, and your e-books where FANTASTIC, thank you for getting me back on track, although I have been eating raw foods off and on, sometimes its been more off than on.

Well that's my 24 hour fast done, I'm off now for some watermelon, its been freezing down in the fridge for a day or two.

You and Amy are SIMPLY THE BEST, so I will raise a glass to you both (watermelon of course).

Angel Blessings with the Fairies,

~ Therese

You ladies rock!! I"m so impressed that you listened to a particpant and then adjusted your "program" accordingly. That is lovely and it completely fortifies my belief of your divahood!


~ Kim :-)

Hello Divas,

Lot's happening in my life but being focused and eating with intention is a major shift for me. It has shifted the experience of eating food along with that of my family. Our relationship to food will never be the same. The food is alive and juicy as you divas would say :-).

I love your encouragement, and thanking all who contribute to the community (forum) is great as it puts it out there for others to join in!

I am loving this experience! I have my sister on board and it is amazing to see her, and even my teenage son, say "mom I want to eat raw, make me some too" . The cravings are still there for us now for the other foods but wow...speak about perfect timing...now we have the lastest newsletter! The Raw Divas rule!! You are awesome!

Thanks is a small word for all BIG things you are up to; you are touching the lives of many women & men :-).

Best regards,

~ Stephanie

Dear Tera,

Thank you SOOO much for creating the Raw Divas website!!! I had never found a website geared to us "divas," and it was so thoughtful of you to spend all of that extra time, labor, and money to create an arena for us "raw chicks" for FREE! (That shows you truly care!)

I'm excited about listening in the Body Enlightenment System tonight! By the way, I did great on the "detox," as I've been total raw food girl on the high fruit diet for over 2 months now! I could never go back! What's amazing is that this is the way I have always wanted to eat, but I didn't know if it was "healthy." (Quite comical, don't you think? :) Due to switching to raw food, I have completely overcome my hypoglycemia (praise the Lord!), as I could not even eat one piece of fruit without my blood sugar making me extremely dizzy.

Keep up the good work, and know that we appreciate you!


Mindi Ramsey
Long Island City


Midway through the 7 day detox, I'm delighted I found you.

To say 'thanks', I'm spreading the word: www.foodiefumblings.blogspot.com/

Now, off into the homestretch.

~ Joyce

Thank you so much. I wanted to drop a quick note to say how glad I am for what you are doing! The detox has helped so much. The biggest thing is to bring me back into self control and really look at how much I had been eating and don't need to eat!

Thanks again!

~ Erin


I am in shock!!! Very, very excited but completely in SHOCK! I never win anything. I KNOW this is a sign that I MUST continue on....I am so happy right now!!!

I have to tell you my wee story: My sister led me to your site (thank you Jill!) and I quickly signed up for the 7-day detox. To be honest, I'm a pretty spontaneous person anyway...and I didn't even know if I would be able to follow through but I HAVE DONE IT!

Today is my 5th day of completely raw (I did have a bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar on my salad Monday night) and I can't tell you how amazing I feel and look.

I know it's not all about the weight issue but I have lost 8# so far (and for me that is fabulous, because I have about 22 more to lose and KNOW if I continue on ...I will do it!)

I also have glowing skin...
I can't believe how many "insights" and "enlightenments" I am having...
I am ACTUALLY able to identify between CRAVINGS and HUNGER and that is a miracle in itself!
I have amazing energy

...and I am so happy that I won! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for this opportunity!!!!

Take care-

P.S. I absolutely love your site and all the beautiful literature you put out (way to go Amy!) Over the past week, I've been to numerous RAW sites and I still love yours the best! The forum ROCKS!

Hello lovely Raw Divas

Well much to my surprise I lasted the 7 days!! Quite a feat when you are eating different food from your children and they are eating everything you used to! It has been tough to keep raw on the coldest week in about 30 yrs in Sydney!!

I want to thank you for such a great program! I will not be moving totally to raw foods eating 100% but I will be have 2 meals raw, 1 cooked as a way of living more healthily and with more energy from now on. Thank you for the assistance and inspiration.

I wish you and your business the very best.


~ Melody

Thanks for all your help making this past week truly memorable! I WILL be incorporating more raw and whole foods into my diet on a daily basis - thanks to YOU!


~ Cris

Hi Tera and Amy,

Thank you so much for the 7-day detox, it was great, and for me it was not so difficult to do. I've done fasts before, (one was a week-long veggie/juice juice fast), so I knew that I would not have too difficult of a time. I've been a vegetarian for a long time too, so going without animal products was not a problem.

I have become very much interested in the raw food regime, and have been able to be raw for most of the day, but dinner time was always the hard part for me. The 7-day detox has encouraged me and made me feel confident that I can do it if I try, and try I will, although my goal is not to be 100% raw, since I believe that some cooked food (such as a baked sweet potato) in the evening along with a large salad is actually beneficial.

Knowing that the support is there if I should need it is comforting. Thank you for all you do, and good luck to you in this exciting adventure you have started.


I think the detox is fabulous and I've have several people who 'say' they plan to sign up.
I've had many compliments on "how well" I look. I'm not falling far off the wagon!

~ Joyce

Start grinning Divas!!!

Both Bob and I are doing great since the detox. We have been eating raw foods, and Bob is making a few dehydrated raw items, also... like Onion "Bread" and Raw Corn Tortillas. He also made an awesome raw Eggless Egg Salad which was good added in with the veggies in the sandwiches and wraps. We are, of course still eating lots of fresh fruits and big fluffy green salads and green smoothies!!! I have had a frozen dinner since the detox... but I did not enjoy it. I did enjoy going out to my favorite restaurant (Vietnamese) the other day with my in-laws, but I do have to admit, I can FEEL the difference between eating dead and live foods, now! Bob has been 100% raw since the detox as far as I know!!!

Thanks for your support!!!
Keely Bush

Hi -- I'm doing great on the detox, feeling fine. Thanks -- and your detox program is great. I' really feeling the difference with no fats or oils, clearly i have been overdoing them. Food has been tasting AMAZING since the fast...salad dressings with oils really mask the natural flavors of the food.

~ Regan Brown
Austin Texas

Hi Tera and Amy,

I am LOVING the detox so far. Although I am 100% raw and have been, this is just what I needed. I needed the break from fat. After the water fast...watermelon never tasted so good!!!!!!!!!!!

Warmest Wishes,
~ Detox Diva Jayna'
P.S. I feel amazing

The Body Enlightenment System


I really, really need this round of BES. I saw your advance menus and they look fabulous.

BTW, it's worth the price. It's $10 a day and most people have a starbucks habit that bad. I'm walking away from that much chocolate and cheese (well, maybe not THAT much, but quite a bit!), so don't think you're overcharging.

I'm SO excited for you guys and this raw diva thing. It's really, truly hip and fabulous.

Do you get First magazine up in Canada? I never read it, but i saw something in the grocery store line about enzymes in it so I bought it out of curiosity. The lead article was about raw food. It's great to see people getting into such a smart way of eating.

Anyway, congrats on a great looking program and it IS worth the price.

~ Isabelle

When I first heard about eating raw I thought it involved carrot sticks and celery so it didn’t appeal. It’s now about 10 weeks since I did the 7 day detox and have just completed the BES program. In that 10 weeks I’ve let go of 16lb which means I can now fit into my favorite blue trousers again. But more importantly I feel so much better.  Gone are my sugar cravings, gone are my hip pains, gone is the heartburn I used to have.  I feel like I’ve decluttered my body and it’s continuing.  I feel lighter physically and emotionally.  I’ve experienced shifts in the way I’m being in the world. I feel more open on all levels.  I’m hooked.  Far from the carrot sticks and celery I imagined, I’m now organizing raw pot lucks in my local area and I love this way of eating – it’s a whole new world.

~ Vicky White  http://www.LifeDesignStrategies.com

The BES program has been a fantastic 30 days of scrumptious raw eating and living.

Who would have thought that in only 30 days I would have:

  • Dropped a dress size
  • Gone from struggling to run 2 km to running 5 km with ease
  • Softer, shining hair and skin
  • Bright sparkling eyes
  • Full of energy
  • Lost my cravings for chocolate
  • Increased my productivity
  • Achieved goals that had been put on the back burner
  • Learnt what foods give me energy and which ones slow me down

With all the tools and support provided this program is a great way to get started or reassess your raw food diet.  The program is full of delicious menu’s and recipes, a fitness tracker to motivate you into daily exercise, a daily planner to help you set and achieve your goals and review your progress, the on-line forum to get invaluable support and advice from other’s on the program and your own buddy to share your experiences with throughout the program and beyond.

Thank you Tera and Amy for putting together such a well organised and motivating program.

~ Viv Johnston

Wow! Your efforts have paid off - I just had to tell you that your BES sales page is absolutely gorgeous! Amy, you are truly an amazing artist, and both of you have an incredible amount of dedication and passion about your work, you can just feel it when reading your materials!
I want to congratulate you on making perfect strangers feel special over the web - a job not easy to do with the written word!

You are amazing souls, and are truly helping people - thank you!

~ Denise Mackinnon

Dear Tera and Amy,

Just want you to know that I just signed up for BES. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for reducing the price. It's so reasonable it's crazy! Thank-you! Your kind price reduction tipped the scales for me so thank-you. I listened to the teleseminar last night- it sounds like you've put SO much thought and care in to BES; I'm really looking forward to being a part of the BES community. I've loved being involved with the 7 day cleanse community!

You two are the best!!!

Love and hugs,

~ Julie

Dear Tera and Amy,

I want to tell you that I am looking good.  This has encouraged me to go on until I reach my goal weight and to have raw foods as a lifestyle.  At this point I am craving a plate of steam vegetables with a baked potatoe with a little soy sauce, and a small piece of broil fish.

This program has proven to me that being over 40 yrs. and menopausal is not a death sentence, and you are not domed to carry around excess weight.  I have a 32 year old son, and recently someone quessed my age at 32-36yrs.  I think that I look about 42.  Instead of getting older, I feel like I'm "younging" Thank you so much.  I love you so much. XOX

~ Shirley Barnett (Mama Diva)

Hi Tera!
I can't tell you how grateful I am for this program.  I am feeling better than ever...more in control, more confident, trim, healthy, more in tune with Spirit, vibrant, etc...  At times I get a little doubtful (can I do this for life?  is this really worth it... etc) but I know it's wonderful for my mind, body, and spirit and I don't have the digestive issues and obsession with food when I am eating raw.

I really appreciate your gentle approach and reminding us that this is for life and that it's okay to have what our bodies feel they need at the time.  I am really tuning into myself on a deeper level and just loving it!!!

I have also like the simplicity of the food.  When I started going RAW last January, I went right into gourmet food preparing.  I felt I needed to back up and get into the basics first.  I have had raw dinner parties and had people over to teach them some raw food prep, but felt so many were wanting help from me and I was still wanting to get some support and mentoring for myself first.

I could go on and on...the RAW journey continues to lead me down wonderful paths. BES has been my Golden Road!!!  Lots of sun and flowers along the way!!!
You are a gift!!!
~ Katy

The Green Smoothie Queen Challenge

I just wanted to say that I feel fabulous after following the Green Smoothie Challenge. THANK YOU!!! I have invented my own recipes along the way,and followed some of yours too so that I could try combinations that I wouldn't usually be drawn to.

Today's Green elixer was devine. I just threw it together with what I had in the kitchen, plus added a little lemon with the skin for extra ZING !! The remaining ingredients were 1 cup water, 2 bananas, 1/2 mango, 2 kiwifruit, bundles and bundles of parsley (plus a pinch of kelp powder and a dash of celtic sea salt). Sublime :-) mmmmm

Thanks again for a great experience !!! Look forward to more Green experiences with the Divas!

Love Christine

The Raw Divas Green Smoothie Jug

"I have to rush off to work, but I’m so psyched I have to take a second to tell you . . .

I LOVE your smoothie container!!!!!!!

My husband and I are doing the 3-day green smoothie challenge. I made his lunch smoothie and put it in the fridge in a pitcher (he works from home).the jugs I then made mine, and thought no way is that whole blender full of thick, green smoothie going to fit in that container. I started to feel irritated, wondering what I could put the remaining smoothie in, and feeling annoyed that I was going to have to take two containers or leave part at home. And then I began filling the container, and my wonderment grew as more and more smoothie fit—until every last drop was in there! Brilliant!!! Now I have a lovely, compact, practical way to transport my smoothie to and from work. Much better than my old system of bringing a big, ugly  pitcher that was in danger of spilling in the car if I didn’t wedge it in properly.

Whoever designed that thing—good job! I’d like to buy a few more . . ."

:-) Vicki

"I LOVE [the green smoothie jug]. It's sooo easy to clean, it doesn't leak, and it's so pretty!
I take a back pack to work with 3 bottles. 1 is blended fruit for breakfast, lunch blended fruit and greens, and the last is a water bottle. I came across a good plastic bottle with a sipper included so it works great just could hold more. I use a fat straw with my Diva jug and when I'm done I just fold the straw over and close the top. I got it going on girlfriend!!

The Raw Divas Sisterhood


~ Barbara

Wow...thanks so much for those positive thoughts...Your email was lovely and uplifting as usual.. Keep up the great work towards better health, joy, balance & happiness.

~ Celissa

Poi Spinning with Tonya Kay

"The poi are such fun.  I picked them up at the post office this morning...  The dogs and I are very, very glad they are soft.  I don't think I'm quite ready for fire yet, and the dogs agree..  Thanks for introducing me to them...and thank Tonya, too, for providing a neat form of exercise that even an OLD woman can dig."

~ Shaun

"My parrot is fascinated, she keeps going "oooh-oooh" but is also scared. The poi are cool and fun, and you know--you can really feel them in the inner muscles of your upper body, not the muscles you would use with weights at all.  very cool! "

~ Mary

I LOVE the poi.  Absolutely love them.  And the DVD is amazing.  I'd bought a different poi DVD, geared towards bellydance...which was okay, but Tonya's vid is so much better, both in production values and mood.  It makes me want to get out there and move!

Love it, love it, love it. Thanks again.


The Diva's Guide to Cravings & Emotional Eating

Dear Tera,

These materials are BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks so much. I'm printing them right now for my train ride tomorrow. Can't wait to read through it all.

Hugs,   Julie

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