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"It is easier to suppress the first desire than to satisfy all that follow."
~ Anonymous



Retail Therapy At It's Best!
(Because if you're not looking after you, Girlfriend, who's going to do it?
Splurge! You're worth it!)

sensualityUncover the Secrets EVERY Woman Should Know!

Sensuality Secrets that will not only allow you to attract, seduce and flirt with a man, but naturally draw more postive attention to you because you'll be looking and feeling more powerful and sensual than EVER!

Whether you're looking to spark on old flame, or attract a new one worthy of your charms, these secrets are empowerment for women at its very finest.


What's more important than the food you eat? The water you drink!!

Experience the evolution in pure, alkaline water and ultimate health by ordering one of our Divas' Life Ionizers. Read our latest article on the importance of drinking ionized water! Contact us for financing options as little as $44 and special Diva Discounts!

Why "Lose" Weight Only To Find It Again? "Release" It on Raw Foods

This 30 day, full support program is an easy, step-by-step SYSTEM to help you take all of the information about diet and health that you ALREADY know, and put it into action! If you're ready for a trim waistline, more energy than you've had since childhood, and freedom from food obsessions, The Body Enlightenment System will take you there!

Finally Handle Your Cravings and Emotional Eating Patterns!

Coffee merchants, chocolate makers and bakers BEWARE! We've got Raw Divas BUSTING free from cravings and emotional eating like never before!

Limited Time Only!

(14 Day Monomeal Cleanse Included)

Raw Food for Little People

With recipes like these for our little ones, the future has never looked brighter. If you don't have kids yourself, but know this would make a great gift for someone special, CONTACT US and we'll e-wrap it Diva-style and send it with love from YOU!



dentistMama was right! Wash Your Mouth Out With Soap for Better Dental Health!

The dangers of fluoride and other toxic chemicals in common toothpastes cannot be overlooked for how they contribute to deteriorating gums and dental disease! The Divas are big fans of Toothsoap and we recommend you take advantage of the latest special offer from Perfect Prescriptions.

roasted hamHolidays Have Never Looked So Healthy

Skip the turkey, the roasted ham and stuffed duck à l'orange because with Heidi and Justin Ohlander's Holiday Recipe books even Aunt Betty's going to be raving about your mashed potatoes and Deviled Eggs.

Christmas Dinner Rescue Recipes!
Save the Turkeys! Thanksgiving Recipes!
Better than Roasted Ham Easter Recipes!

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