Girlfriend, put back those shoulders, tighten your cheeks and tuck in your tummy, because you are about to .

Discover The Secrets Every Woman Should Know About how To Attract, Flirt, and Seduce, So You can regain your Confidence, heighten your sensuality and Unveil the Powerful Woman You ARE!

But don't Do It For Him
Do it For the thrill of feeling intoxicatingly confident and downright DIVA!)

Dear Diva,

Thursday afternoon. 11:34 pm

We all secretly yearn for the playful caresses and strong cuddles of a man who find us simply irresistible.

At the beginning of a relationship, the thrill of adventure, the new smells and nervous fluttering of stomachs makes it easy to feel intoxicated.

But after time, we slouch, he picks up the paper and the day to day of dishes, packing kids off to school and sifting through stacks of mail can cause the sparkle to dwindle and peeter out a bit.

Well, you don't need to wait for Valentine's Day to express your love and spark up an old flame. Skip the chocolates and flowers and instead get a copy of Sensuality Secrets by Patty Contenta and start learning the secrets that few women actually put into practice.

When you click below, you'll be given the chance to sign up for a $1 trial of Patty Contenta's Sensuality Secrets! I cannot emphasize enough the fact that THESE TOOLS WORK!

It's not about HIM! 
It's about you feeling more confident and sexy than ever!

cuddleThis is not some esoteric mumbo-jumbo. No psychology. Just the cold hard facts about the way you move and how that can be a magnetically irresistable tool for you to spark up the fire in your relationships, and get you feeling more confident and sexy than EVER!

We talk all the time about the importance of exercising, working out and eating right. We put concoctions on our skin, get our beauty sleep. But how many of us actually take the time to learn the art of playful seduction, coy smiles and sexy diva charm?

After I read this book and knew the secrets myself, I was literally SHOCKED to find out that hardly anybody was using them at all. I wouldn't even say that 1/100 women are actively applying these sensuality secrets to enhance their own presence and confidence.

Dancers know what it takes to capture attention without saying a word. But what if you, too, could have that kind of effect on others off the dancefloor.

The way you move your body has a huge effect on how others perceive you and the confidence and energy you exude.  

You don't have to be a dancer to know how to hold and use your body to have a powerful impact on others. And it's not just about catching yourself a tasty tiger. It's about the space you take, the confidence you exude.

How much more successful will you be in attracting clients?

How much more will people listen to you when you know how to capture attention just by the way you hold your body?

These are not psychological ideas. There's nothing esoteric about it. It's like a lock and key. It's like gravity. The stuff just WORKS!!Now, as part of our Sisterhood program, we regularly interview exceptional women and people from all over the world. We connected with 3 inspiring divas specifically on the subject of Sensuality, and have put together a series of 3 e-book transcripts of these juicy interviews.

For a Limited Time Only,
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Patty is so confident about the effectiveness of the tools in her book, that she's giving you one month to try the techniques yourself, and if you're not completely satified, you don't pay a penny more!!

 And We've Got 3 Dynamite Diva Interviews that Are The Perfect Companion to This book, helping  you have More Confidence, Sensuality, Passion and Personal Than  Ever!!

Here's what The Raw Diva's have put together:


Karen Knowler: Why Stilettos Help Me Stay Raw: For Women Who Dare to Embrace Authenticity, Power and Passion 

You're going to love this exclusive interview with Karen where Karen she discusses some very juicy raw topics – many of which you will never have heard spoken about before (it’s like having a secret peek into a raw knicker drawer!).

In this e-book, you'll discover:

  • Why going raw is not just about food and how that shows up in every other area of your life

  • What Karen, as both a long term raw food enthusiast and long term teacher/ coach, sees as being the major keys to going and staying raw for the long term – period

  • Why women can have a harder time staying on the raw food wagon than guys, and how to use your feminine powers to work FOR you rather than against you

  • Learn how to make your journey easier, faster, cleaner and more joyful than you ever imagined

  • Why authenticity and raw foods are a huge part of the secret combination to having the most wonderful raw food experience possible

  • The role of passion and how and why it must show up in your raw diet and lifestyle

  • karen Why handling your own power will likely be both your biggest challenge and potentially your biggest reward as you embrace a raw food diet

  • How to step into your power in a style and at a pace that suits you perfectly

  • How to “up the ante” and slow yourself down, both in food and in life - and how to know when to do what and why!

  • Why stilettos are part of Karen’s own raw style and what happened when she took them, and her make up, off…

  • The one secret that all long term raw food enthusiasts share and how you can use that secret to work for YOU



Roe Gallo: Defying The Myths of Aging

She's a doctor in human sexuality! What better woman than Roe Gallo to defy the myths of aging and remind you what it takes to embrace the sexy, confident woman you are.

In this amazing and intimate teleseminar with Roe Gallo, you'll learn:

  • How This Dazzling Diva turned her life around in 7 Days

  • How the Middle Path allows Roe to touch more lives

  • How to give up gym memberships and turn your own body into a gym!

  • The truth about how little exercise Roe does to get that goregeous figure!

  • What Roe eats to find optimal health

  • What makes restrictive diets "dead-end" diets!

  • Roe Roe's favorite thing to do to get up and move!

  • Learn what "Mainstream Raw" is and how it affects you!

  • How to Uncover and Shatter the Myths of Aging so you feel sexier and more confident than ever

  • Roe's little tricks and tips for boosting confidence and feeling sexy!

  • Why some fruits are enough to make any woman blush!


Teleseminar #3

Patty Contenta: More Sensuality Secrets Revealed 

In this fantastic close up and personal call with author of the book, Sensuality Secrets, Patty Contenta, you'll discover:

  • Why no amount of lipstick will ever make up for a low self-confidence

  • The 3 things a woman should never leave home without

  • The syle of shirt that makes all the difference in your magnetic attractor factor

  • How to choose clothes that enhance your sensuality and sensitivity

  • Powerful techniques to help you move into your sexiest you and stay there

  • patty Amazing ways to attract the attention of others without saying a word

  • How to become a magnet for positive attention, that will ripple into you personal and professional life

  • Some incredible stories from women applied the tools and reaped the benefits!

  • How to put back some of the spark,spontanaeity and freshness into your long term relationships

  • How to feel more confident than ever as you tap into your feminine charms and grace

  • Why it's not your looks that are important, but having "a look" that makes the difference in your attractor factor with others


It's not just about food and fitness, but also how you move your body and embrace your sensuality that makes a huge difference on how you feel!

Check out how a few sensuality Secrets changed these women's lives:

“Before I never really knew what it meant to connect deeply using eye contact with someone. You don't just look into someone's eyes, you look through them with intensity and focus, sometimes holding the gaze longer than you're used to. Now I'm less shy and definitely feel better about my interactions with people. Actions can definitely speak louder than words. Thank you, Patty."
- Kelly Sant

“... I walked into a blues club... They both commented on what an attractive lady I was... It was your book that made everyone so responsive that evening. Apparently, I was open, confident and sensual. What a concept!! It worked in the city and it's worked every time and every place I've applied your methods… Thank you for the book, Patty."
- Sunny Coats

“... Well, it just so happened I had been reading your book on the plane a few days earlier. So as I proceeded to walk around downtown NY, your method on how a woman should walk in a sensual way was foremost on my mind. Suddenly, I had a fan club! ... I had one shop owner walk out onto the sidewalk to comment on what a beautiful woman I was. Another man said, under his breath, 'Now that's what I'm talking about!' as he watched me walk away. I was making the most subtle changes to my normal walk, but the response was amazing! It was hysterical and so much fun."


It's not just about rekindling the spark in your Romantic life, or Attracting the Man of your dreams, it's about living passionately 
As a sensual woman Who knows how to 
create a Powerful effect on others!

I always thought that in order to be successful in the business world, a woman needed to tap into her male energy – but not anymore! I started incorporating your 'sensuality secrets' every day, and I've seen a noticeable difference in the way men react to me. You have literally transformed the way I view and experience my femininity and I'll never be able to thank you enough for that, Patty."
- Candide Gregoire

You are just one click away
From Becoming Your Most Sensual, 
Powerful & Passionate you!

YES! I'm ready to feel more POWERFUL, PASSIONATE and SENSUAL than ever!

I understand that upon placing my order, I will be directed to a site where I can sign up for a $1 trial of the Sensuality Secrets book by Patty Contenta.

I also understand that immediately upon placing my order, I will receive access to the follow gorgeous e-book transcripts:

  • Karen Knowler: Raw Diva, Stiletto 
  • Roe Gallo: Defying the Myths of Aging
  • and inspiration with Notes from the Diva
  • Patty Contenta: More Sensuality Secrets Revealed

I understand that the regular price for these ebooks is $14.95 each. But by placing my order today, I qualify for a reduced price of only $24.95 for all 3 e-books!

I also understand that by applying the tools and tricks in these e-books along with the Sensuality Secrets by Patty Contenta, that the following side-effect may result and I may:

  • Receive un unexpected and extraordinary amount of attention from others. Especially handsome strangers. 
  • Easily be able to capture the attention of others without saying a word.
  • Suddenly start feeling more confident and sensual than ever!
  • Light my romantic relationship ON FIRE!

I'm ready, Girlfriend!
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Monthly Gold Payment $29.95 per month


The Divas Declare...

That if you are not simply radiating confidence and attracting more amazing people and circumstances to your life after reading all these materials, and applying the tools in Sensuality Secrets, 

then we'll completely refund your money.



You, Dear Diva, are Going to be 
Simply Irresistible!

Amy & Tera

Amy De Wolfe & Tera Warner

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