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The Divas' Guide to Cravings and Emotional Eating

"You are either losing your mind -- or gaining your soul."
~ Julia Cameron


Amy, Tera and Angela have decided that it's time to team up and crack down on cravings, bingeing and emotional eating for good!

**Uncover the Cause of Your Cravings, Bingeing and Overeating and Discover
the Most Effective, Powerful Tools EVER for Getting You Back in
Control of Your Food and Your Life!**

From: The Raw Divas
Wednesday, 2:24 pm
Montreal, Canada

Dear Diva,

Have you ever had that feeling that you're watching yourself do something you KNOW is self-destructive? You're watching yourself do it and you KNOW it won't make you feel good, but you're doing it anyway, as though you can't stop--as though you have NO control?

Believe us, we've been there and we've worked with thousands of women and men who have been there, too.

It would be impossible for us to count the number of emails, phone calls and pleas for help that we get daily from people around the world who are suffering with cravings, bingeing and emotional eating. Women and men literally crippled by patterns of self-destructive behavior for which they feel they have no control, and no solutions.

Well, lift your chin, dear friend. We're about to tell you a few things you may not have heard before. We're about to share with you some incredible resources that we've put together and we're going to show you how your success is GUARANTEED with:

The Diva’s Complete Cravings and Emotional Eating Program

First of all, how many times have you stared at the bottom of a jar of almond butter or an empty chocolate bar wrapper and wondered to yourself:

 “Did I do that?”

As your stomach rumbles an affirmation you immediately feel the wave of sickening regret and guilt, confirming that it was indeed YOU who polished off another dose of something on the “forbidden foods” list.

After that point, who can say for sure whether it’s the guilt or the ice cream itself that causes the inevitable weight gain, introversion and depression for those of us who struggle with cravings, bingeing, and successful maintenance of the raw food diet. What’s sure and certain is that living with the emotional and physical distress of constant cravings, binges and food roller coaster is more than the average mortal can take.

Unless you’ve got the tools to pull yourself out of the downward spiral of introversion and lowered self-confidence, life can start to look awfully gloomy.

If you have taken on the role of a food-obsessed renegade, burdened by a weight of insatiable cravings and compulsive emotional eating, chin up, Sista!

Things are about to change!

But, we should warn you, we’re not offering any miracle solutions here. We’ve all had our share of the greasy snake oil salesman toting his one-dose miracle potion. Forget it!

There are no miracle solutions

As far as we can see, the only way out of this mess is THROUGH it. If there was a magic pill or potion, we assure you, we’d have been the first in line to take it!

As fate would have it, we had to build a road, blaze a trail, and create some powerful solutions to handle the situation ourselves. It was not by miracles, but only by blood, sweat and tears that this took place.

Here’s the first thing you need to understand:

The patterns you’ve built around your eating habits
have taken years, even generations,
to implant themselves into your very being!

It's going to take some work to change these patterns.

While an overnight transformation is a lovely idea, and perhaps there are a handful of people on the planet who have actually succeeded at making it happen, the percentages of actual instant success stories are tiny.

The rest of us lay down ultimatums, only to find ourselves in a puddle of guilt when three days later we dip our fingers into a tub of hummus and start the vicious cycle all over again.

A lot of people talk about the fact that our food choices are highly related to our emotions, and yet no one’s really discussing the mechanism behind it. The only way some real solutions are going to come to the surface is when the precise mechanisms behind these patterns of eating are addressed.

The number of things that can trigger a flood of emotions are limitless. Maybe it’s a stressful day at the office, an upsetting phone call, or getting stood up by some handsome guy on a Friday night. When that flood of energy comes pouring down the physiological pipes, more often than not our reaction is to run to the nearest source of concentrated calories and SUPPRESS the process.

These emotions have roots in a history. You may not be able to consciously spot the trigger that sends you running to the fridge in a frenzy.

For instance, it may be that some evening there is a familiar song playing on the radio. It just happens to be the same song Mama used to play on the record player while she was cookin’ up pancakes for breakfast when you were a young child. You may not even consciously make the connection between all the elements involved, but all of a sudden you have an incredible NEED to eat bread, crackers and PANCAKES even though it’s evening!

Whatever happens, don’t be too hard on yourself. These patterns you’re working to overcome started very young. You might not remember it yourself, but just look around!

How many crying babies get shoved another
biscuit to soothe their tears?

How many children are rewarded for good behavior
with sweets and chocolate?

How many have it taken away again when punished?

Your earliest moments of fear, loss, pain, upset and even triumph and victory are all impossibly enmeshed with sugar, food and the love of mama!

No wonder so many people struggle to handle this stuff!!

You can get to the other side, and the tools we’ve put together in this program are meant to really empower you to a whole new level of health and self-confidence.

This isn’t just about understanding cravings. Your very ability to function and thrive in life depends on your self-confidence. Feeling like food has control over you affects your relationships, your communication, your comfort in social conditions, EVERYTHING!

Handling your cravings and emotional eating patterns is the springboard to being able to take LIFE head on feeling confident and positive about who you ARE!

As you can see, this is no ordinary program.

Your behavior does not define you. Don't buy into the "disorders" they're selling on the evening news. The list of "disorders" gets longer and longer every year, and a new pill gets a great marketing campaign. This is not the kind of "help" you'll find here.. These are not "solutions" they're offering, they're not addressing the cause of the problem at all. The fact is, there are some people on this planet that have a vested interest in keeping others uninformed and inimpowered. Illness sells! Disorders sell!

The solution is actually very simple, but there's something very important you need to know:

You Cannot Control Things That You Do Not Understand

Think of a mechanic. What are the chances that a clever mechanic will ever find himself stranded on the side of a road? Not likely. And just think of how much more able he is to control his vehicle than someone who knows virtually nothing about cars. The more you understand something, the more able you are to control it. People are very, very good at patching up bruises without ever addressing the cause of the original pain itself.

These patterns of self-destructive behavior, when observed by the rational, alert and mind, don't make sense. When we're engaging in this kind of behavior it's like we say to ourselves, "This isn't ME!" or "why am I doing this? It just doesn't make sense!"

You're right. It's not "you" and it doesn't make sense.

You are NOT defined by these patterns of behavior. Despite the fact that most people are constantly bombarded in the media by the message that there is something "wrong" with them, and there's nothing they can do to change it, the fact is, there's something more going on that you simply do not understand. The more you understand about how the mind works, the more able you are to get back in control of your health and your life.

The First Step to Getting Back In Control Is:


Just like you can't control things you don't understand, before you can change anything, you have to be willing to confront it for what it is.

If you're hiding your food habits from others, this isn't going to help you. If you're keeping your bingeing a secret from the ones you love, or afraid to ask for help, it will be much harder to change!

YES! Some foods are addictive, but we would be lying if we tried to pretend there aren't a LOT of raw foodists who have HUGE struggles with cravings and emotional eating.

So, we can talk about the right foods to choose, and we do that in so many of the courses and programs that we offer, but at some point, if a person is continually finding themselves on an emotional eating roller coaster, they've got to take a deeper look at what's going on. Sometimes you've got to look beyond the food to understand how the mind is influencing your ability to make healthy choices for yourself.

If you're like any of thousands of people with whom we have worked and consulted, chances are pretty good that you're sitting on a volcano of personal history and experience that you may not even be able to contact. Let's be honest, most people have a story that'll tear your heart to pieces.

*A large percentage of the people who are suffering with extreme eating disorders and emotional eating have, at some earlier time in their life, suffered from extreme invalidation, abuse or deprivation.*

Stuff happens. Painful stuff sometimes, and we wouldn't be people of integrity if we didn't address the fact that this is very true. We understand that life can deal an awfully hard blow sometimes, and believe us, with all the hours that we've spent consulting with people around the world, we've truly heard it all! There's not much you could say to shock us.


*While We Cannot Always Control the things that happen to us in life, we CAN control how we respond to them.*

Food is stimulation. So is the TV and so are cigarettes, coffee, sex, and attention from others!

We don't want anyone else to be credited with the power to turn your life around or convince you that they are the ones who can help. YOU are the best person to help yourself, and chances are you already know much of what you need to know to regain your health and feel better than ever. So truly regaining control over your health, your eating habits and your life, is really only something YOU can do. But you'll do it best when you have the right information in your hands.

So here's the deal:

No matter what has happened before or how many times you may have tried to end your cravings, don’t lose hope in your ability to turn things around. You can do it! 

It takes willingNESS, not will power.

It takes some structure, support and people who’ve been through it and came out the other end  triumphant.

Soak it up, Sista!

Victory is on its way, and here’s what she looks like:

The Raw Divas and RawReform.com have come together to create what promises to be the most effective program for handling cravings, bingeing and emotional eating EVER.

We're Kicking it off with Angela Stoke's Latest Release

"Raw Emotions"
Value: $15.00

This 172 page Survival Manual to understanding our emotional relationship with foods is built on not only a lifetime of personal experience, but years of investigation, determination and hard work. We're thrilled to be able to offer this as a component of this program.


In this book, you'll learn:

The 7 ways of eating and how they will empower you to regain control over your food choices.

Understand how to identify the physiological addiction to food.
Tell-tale signs of an overeater.
How to put the lid back on the food jars and get them off your emotional issues and willingness to express.
Get to the emotional and spiritual undercurrents of your relationship with food.
Challenges of living the raw lifestyle and how to overcome them.
How to release shame, guilt, self-punishment and pefectionism once and for all!
40 Healing Action Tips that will get you back in the driver's seat on your relationship with food.
Develop a successful eating plan for you.

If you feel you've been stuffing your face so you can stuff your emotions, then prepare for freedom, because this book has the most thorough and well-documented look at our emotional relationships with food.

The Raw Divas bring a series of empowering workbooks and resources to the table, designed to take this journey to a whole new level of possibilities and recovery from food addictions, bingeing, and overeating in
The Complete Guide to Overcoming Cravings and Emotional Eating

Craving Buster Teleseminar With Mary Bonnet
Value: $65.00

(This teleseminar was originally conducted as part of our AMAZING 30 Day Body Enlightenment System.)

With the guidance of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) expert, Mary Bonnet, of Bonnet Unlimited Potential, we'll show you simple yet effective steps to overcome your cravings, THAT WORK.

Leave will power at the door, because you won't need it. 

If you've been wondering how you'll ever be able to resist the cookies, the candies, the nuts and fried chicken, then this teleseminar offers the answers you’ve been looking for!

During this 60 minute call, Mary Bonnet will guide you through a powerful process that will drastically reduce or completely eliminate your cravings! 

In fact, we're so confident about this, that we're going to challenge you to bring the one thing you 
crave the most while you listen to this call. By the end of our time together, you'll either no longer be interested, or completely repulsed by it! REALLY!

These tools are that good!


Cravings Buster Teleseminar Transcript
Value: $24.95

The above teleseminar completely transcribed allows you to:

  • Get vital information on the steps taught in the call without having to wade through a recording again and again.

  • Make sure you catch everything and you'll have the materials ready for you to reviewwhenever you need them.


Fully Illustrated EFT Guide
Value: $14.95

This is a complete, visual and step-by-step guide to the techniques outlined in the teleseminar with Mary Bonnet. 

We've made SURE that learning this EFT Technique is going to be totally easy for you to approach. 

The fully illustrated guide to help you easily identify the specific parts of the body that are addressed in this technique. 

Little reminder charts help you recall easily the steps and vital points of being able to apply EFT for cravings on your own at any time.

Simplified steps allow you to easily and confidently apply this new technique to handle your cravings on the spot!

In addition to the three primary elements of our the Diva's Basic Guide Cravings and Emotional Eating, you'll also receive these powerful tools to get you back in control of your food and your life!


A Diva’s Guide to Cravings and Emotional Eating E-Book
Value: $25.95

This is a fantastic and empowering e-book loaded with information that will really put all the juicy details we’ve been discussing together.

  • The cold, hard facts about coffee

  • The enormous mistake most people make trying to "resist" cravings!

  • The single best change you can make to start experiencing INSTANT relief from cravings

  • A sneaky… but incredibly smart way…to change the way you look at food!

  • The right and wrong way to handle sugar cravings!

  • The nasty truth about salt, onions, garlic, spices and much, much more!

  • The top reasons cravings take place and how to handle them!

  • What’s behind the most common cravings for “protein” (cheese, nuts, etc.)

  • Practical tips to help you distinguish whether your cravings come from nutritional need or emotional crutch!

  • An in-depth look at what chocolate is REALLY about


Busting FREE: A Cravings and Emotional Eating Workbook
Value: $19.95

We said it would take work, but we’re not talking about blood sweat and tears as much as the determination to be willing to try a few tricks and take the time to observe your behavior and spot your own patterns.

We’ve included some powerful and practical exercises giving you actual TOOLS to handle your cravings, so you’re not left to battle them with sheer brute strength and will power alone!

  • Specific exercises to help you visualize the body and lifestyle you want to achieve

  • When you shouldn’t be in the kitchen!

  • The WORST mistake you can make after 7:00pm

  • The best way to deal with emotional upset INSTEAD of using food

  • How to finally overcome incessant food cravings and bingeing patterns

  • New exercises and techniques to help you understand your food patterns so you can do what it takes to change them!

  • How to finally be at peace with your food without extremism, guilt, or self-punishment


The Empowered Diva’s Food Journal
Value: $19.95

Bottling up those emotions hasn’t worked up until now, and with this deluxe Diva’s Food Journal to guide you through them for once and for all, you’ll be on your way to freedom, Sister!

  • Track your emotional states before and after meals!

  • Identify true hunger signals

  • Record your daily food intake

  • Identify your emotional eating patterns

  • Track your morning workout

  • Finally recognize the underlying reasons for your cravings, such as insufficient calories, or too much fat in the diet!
  • In the course of using this program, you’re going to realize a lot more about what YOU need to successfully handle your food issues and develop the skills to spot your patterns and triggers

The Only Way Out is THROUGH!

We can’t tell you that the raw food diet, or any other diet, is the right diet for you. The only way you’re going to figure that out is by observing your patterns. 

Unless you finally sit down to observe your own patterns 
and spot what works for you, you’ll be continually chasing 
the next miracle product or
another quick fix e-book,
only to be disappointed 3 days later when the magic wears off!

Every trap has a secret escape route, and while it’s true that you can easily see hundreds, even thousands of people, who are stuck in the clutches of food addictions from which they may never escape, you don’t have to be a victim of the same fate.

We’re not going to pretend it’s easy. It takes guts and determination to get the job done, but we know you can do it, or you wouldn’t be reading this letter in the first place!! You’d be sitting on the couch to polish off another bag of chips instead.

We really have done our best not to leave any stone unturned with this project!

Start adding up what you’ve spent on chocolate, almond butter addictions, bread, sweets, cheese, and Heaven-knows-what-else, and ask yourself what that investment brought you until now?

We’ve been working for a long time on this program, and we have packed it with value. If you’re looking for a free program, we offer an incredible, fully-loaded FREE 7 Day Detox program that we invite ANYONE and EVERYONE to take part in.

We appreciate a bargain as much as the next person, but when it comes to health and nutrition, we have just seen it time and time again... the clients who are willing to invest in their own health progress are the ones that ultimately make the greatest steps forward. It’s a rare few that come on for a free ride and actually manage to stick with the program. 

Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover when you ORDER TODAY!

  • Learn the tricks that will help you identify how to be able to tell when your cravings are emotionally driven or coming from an actual physiological NEED.
  • What to do to prevent overeating and bingeing.
  • THE BIGGEST reason people overeat and binge and what to do about it.
  • First Aid for the Overeater and Binger! Once you’ve reached the bottom of the bucket what do you do?
  • The 3 Most Addictive Foods and what to eat instead of these!
  • Survival strategies to avoid cravings before they start.
  • Complete list of most commonly craved foods and healthy substitutes and alternatives for them.
  • What causes the downward spiral of overeating. Why is it impossible to take just ONE bite?
  • How to overcome those little voices in your head and get back in control of your relationship with food!
  • Why evening can be the very worst time for cravings to set in and how to handle it.
  • Why the idea of “forbidden food” is a recipe for disaster.
  • How to handle emotions when they come up, instead of going to the fridge (this is not some psychotherapy couch technique). Real tools that work.
  • How to spot your patterns so you can outsmart them.
  • How extremism in the Raw Food movement contributes to excessive guilt and self-punishment patterns.
  • The one thing that almost ALL overeaters do that is their ruin - and how to stop it!
  • Why you can NEVER lose weight as long as you’re stuck on an eating roller coaster.
  • Why will power alone will not get you through this. We’re talking about years and years of emotional eating patterns likely tied in with memories that you may not even recall anymore.
  • We’ll also give you tools to handle the fact that cooked foods and “forbidden foods” are always going to be around you!
  • A simple method to CONFRONT your food and control your reactions to it.
  • An amazing technique to get you out of your patterns of introversion and start feeling sexier and more confident than ever.

If you take action and place your order TODAY
we'll also include the following limited bonuses!


Value: $34.95 

*NEW* 14 Day Monomeal Cleanse

When we released this program, we promised that we would offer regular updates as they happened. Well, we've been doing some rather amazing experiments with our Body Enlightenment System participants and have literally been SHOCKED at the results! When it comes to handling cravings, late night eating, over-eating and food obsessions, our monomeal adventures have opened up a whole new world of possibilities and freedom!! 

What if the Secret to Success is Just Eating One Food At A Time, When Hungry Until Satisfied?

We'll let you be the judge when you take part in a 14 Day, Guided Monomeal Cleanse. After you purchase this program, you'll be guided through the different elements we've put together. Then after you're feeling familiar with all we've put in place, we'll invite you to take part in a 14 day monomeal cleanse. We can even try and buddy you up with other participants of the program.

if there is one thing people are addicted to it is STIMULATION!

Part of the reason so many people struggle in their relationship with food is because we just are driven to consume the next flavor explosion.

Think of it: How many times have you seen someone who is "stuffed" or "just couldn't eat another bite" for their meal, when all of a sudden dessert gets passed around the table and the appetite resurges.

This is because we are stimulation addicts! That's why , when you do a monocleanse, here are just some of the things you can expect to happen by bringing your food down to the bare necessities:

Get acquainted with natural, real hunger signals.

(Some people mistake headaches, stomach aches, irritability, etc. for hunger. These are detox symptoms. Eating when not genuinely hungry is a major cause of overeating, so getting to recognize your TRUE hunger signals means getting back in control of your food!)

Know how to identify the difference between detox symptoms (headache, irritability, cravings, etc.) and real hunger
Identify with one simple clue when you have had your fiill (and learn why this is so hard to do eating cooked food or complicated recipes)
Learn THE trick to kick salt addictions
Improve elimination and absorption of nutrients
Boost energy
Increase concentration and mental clarity
Cleanse and detox the body from latent toxins
Suddenly find hours of free time because you're not stuck in a kitchen preparing complicated recipes for yourself
And oh so much more...

For this 14 Day Monomeal Cleanse, we'll provide you with a complete Monomeal Cleanse guide that covers:

How to cleanse the body with monomeals
When to cleanse and how to know when to stop a cleanse
A Complete self-assessment for pre and post cleansing
14 Day Journal for the cleanse
Suggested recipes (yes! Recipes for monomeals!)


Value: $49.90 

Exclusive Teleseminar with Angela Stokes of Raw Reform

Having eventually reached a weight of nearly 300 lbs, if anyone knows how to overcome emotional eating, cravings and food addiction, it’s Angela Stokes. 

She’s lost over 140 lbs and has taken her life back into her own hands while actively inspiring others to do the same! 

Angela will join us for an exclusive teleseminar where she will specifically deal with the issues of emotional eating and cravings that many people may not be so willing to discuss!

Learn what finally inspired Angela to overcome her debilitating patterns of overeating

The powerful tools Angela used to get through the "tough parts"

What does Angela's own diet looks like now, and why this is successful for her

What she would write every day that made all the difference to her success

How to truly identify eating patterns and confront your relationship with food (maybe for the first time!)

And so, so much more, including why if she can do it, so can YOU!

When you place your order, you’ll immediately receive your program materials for download and you’ll have time to really go through them and start putting things into action. During that time, start collecting ANY questions you have and we’ll answer them on this exclusive call with Angela Stokes and The Raw Divas!

You will also receive our full-color, 25 page transcript from this teleseminar so you can refer back to this valuable inspiration and information time and again!

*This Bonus is loaded with tips and support.*

You will refer to this transcript again and again for inspiration and encouragement!


Bonus #3
Value: $24.95

Interview and Transcript of Teleseminar With Cravings Buster, Peter Glickman

Peter Glickman TranscriptRecently as part of our Sisterhood program we were literally BLOWN AWAY with this amazing interview with Peter Glickman, author of "Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days". We absolutely had to include this as part and parcel of this cravings program. We promised that we would continue to share with you the discoveries we make in the area of emotional eating and cravings, and so we trust you'll enjoy, appreciate and benefit from this electrifying interview with Peter Glickman in which you will discover:

  • The 3 things people can do to detoxify.

  • Why people often feel sicker after 3 or 4 days on raw food.

  • Why detoxifciation is NOT a one-step process and how quitting too soon can be damaging.

  • The two-step detoxification process and how the body reacts to protect itself from toxins.

  • Explaining the mechanics behind detoxification and understanding the clues to recognize genuine detox when it happens.

  • What two things Peter would like you to take away from this interview that could change your life.

  • How the Master Cleanse can actually be the perfect transition to helping people go raw!

  • Why Peter recommends raw junk food as part of the emotional transition to going raw.

  • The 3 Most Difficult Things about Being and Staying raw.

  • Why Juice fasting is recommended over water fasting.

  • The only thing that has ever been proven to extend life.

  • How to control the speed of detoxification.

  • The biggest mistakes people make on the Master Cleanse and how to avoid it.

  • Why trying to adjust or change the magic recipe has only led to difficulties for others.

  • Peter also explains the different elements of the Cleanse and explains what causes them to have the effect they do.

  • As well as many, many tricks and secrets to getting through a successful Master Cleanse.

This call was electrifyingly inspiring and offers tremendous insights into many of the standard problems and challenges faced by many aspiring raw foodists.

You will receive the official Transcripted interview fully laid out as a gorgeous 32 page e-book, and you'll also receive access to the original audio recording of this interview!

This is not just another program! This is an experience, an adventure designed to get you into action about improving your health and your habits. We intend to make sure the adventure and support continue for a long time to come!

Don’t waste another minute or another penny trapped in these patterns that have kept you stuck in a downward spiral. Just think of all the hours, days, even weeks or months if you add them all up that have been spent obsessing about food, struggling with cravings and riding the emotion eating roller coaster.

Just think of the thousands of dollars you'll save when you're no longer emptying your wallet at the candy counter or coffee shops, nevermind what you'll save by not having to pay some therapist to listen to you for hours.

With this program in your hands, maybe for the first time EVER, you have what it takes to revolutionize the way you see food and your relationship with it and finally get control over your food choices instead of your food controlling you!

Now it's up to you to take action and make things happen.

Here’s what’s included in the COMPLETE Cravings & Emotional Eating Program:

The Raw Diva's COMPLETE 
Cravings and Emotional Eating Program

Raw Emotions E-book by Angela Stokes Value:  $15.00
Craving Buster Teleseminar With Mary Bonnet  Value:  $65.00
Cravings Buster Teleseminar Transcript Value:  $24.95
Fully Illustrated EFT Guide Value:  $14.95
The Empowered Diva’s Food Journal  Value:  $19.95
A Diva’s Guide to 
Cravings and Emotional Eating E-Book  
Value:  $25.95
A Cravings and Emotional Eating Workbook Value: $19.95
Exclusive Teleseminar With Angela Stokes  Value: $24.95
Teleseminar Transcript of Angela Stokes' Call   Value: $14.95
14 Day Monomeal Cleanse Value: $34.95
Recorded Interview with Peter Glickman
Value: $24.95
Teleseminar Transcript of Peter Glickman's Call
Value: $24.95
Private Sisterhood Forum on Cravings
Value: $24.95

TOTAL VALUE: Over $330!
ORDER NOW for only $99!

It’s time to re-coMmit to your health.
It's time to re-commit to YOU!

The Raw Diva’s "Strut-Your Stuff" Money Back Guarantee

Order this product TODAY and if after 30 days you’re not strutting your stuff feeling like you’ve conquered cravings and are more confident than ever, just contact us and we will happily refund your money.

We want you to feel AMAZING about the services and support we provide, so anything less than your satisfaction means we’ll refund you with smiles and you keep everything as our thanks for having tried things out!

When you are a living testimonial, we all win. Anything less just wouldn't be "Diva."

It’s time for something better. It starts with willingness and a DECISION! 
Just decide that you’re going to DO IT THIS TIME!

We'll help you out with the motivation, 
determination and support you need to get the rest of the way!

Strap on your stilettos, click the link and let’s get this show on the road!

YES! I want to overcome my Cravings & Emotional Eating Issues TODAY!

I understand that I will receive all of my program elements and teleseminar information electronically, just moments after my order has been successfully processed and I'm ready to:

  • Be guided to understand my negative eating patterns with the Cravings and Emotional Eating Workbook
  • Learn effective methods to overcome cravings using EFT with Mary Bonnet
  • Receive access to a recorded teleseminar on EFT, as well as transcripts and written tips to implement this powerful system
  • Track and record my daily food intake and observe my progress and experiences with The Empowered Diva’s Food Journal
  • Be inspired and motivated with ongoing support by email
  • Understand the real causes of cravings & emotional eating habits in The Diva's Guid to Cravings & Emotional Eating E-book, which also includes recipes and recommendations to help me handle specific food cravings

I'm Ready to Free myself from Cravings for Good!

One Easy Payment of $99

Monthly Gold Payment $29.95 per month

v v

Amy & Tera

Tera Warner & Amy De Wolfe

p.s. Remember, you can test drive the WHOLE package for an entire 30 days. And if this program doesn’t get you feeling more confident and in-control of your food than you have ever been, then let us know and we will refund your money! You’ll still be able to keep ALL the materials and bonuses for your trouble.

p.p.s. If your purse strings are a little tight right now, you can contact us to make special payment arrangements.

p.p.p.s. It’s up to you. You can buy another box of chocolates, or you can order the program now… what do you have to lose besides those nasty cravings?

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