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Meet The Divas

"No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit."
~ Helen Keller



Meet the Women Behind The Only Online Community for Women Who Are Passionate about Health, High-Energy Living, and The Raw Food Diet!

Introducing The Founders...

TeraTera Warner, Co-Founder

Tera's is a home-schooling, self-employed, single, raw-food eating, redhead mom! You can't get more original than that, until you find out what she does in her spare time. We'll let you ask her yourself.

Her formal studies were in anthropology and primate studies. Yup, Monkeys and apes! After that, years of research into herbs, nutrition, fitness, aromatherapy and natural health brought her to discover the raw food diet. 

She's a passionate entrepreneur, and has much to do with the sassy writing and product development behind what you see here. She loves marketing, writing and being a mom to two amazing people, Mika (7) and Sebastian (5)! You can find her in the community forum, The Powder Room wearing raspberries and also can get in touch with her here.

AmyAmy De Wolfe, Co-Founder

This dazzling diva is largely responsible for all the gorgeous layout, webdesign and pretty pictures you'll see in EVERYTHING we do. Amy has a super keen sense of business smarts and she uses it to keep Tera in line and help The Raw Divas become all it can be.

She's the mom of our two youngest raw divas, Etelle (3) and baby Leora.

Amy was introduced into the raw food lifestyle in 2002, and over the past 5 years has researched extensively about the various raw food programs available. She's a sprout girl, loves her greens and wheatgrass. Amy has rid herself of chronic headaches, growing weariness and 30 lbs of baby weight by applyin the Raw Food Diet. In The Powder Room, Amy's sporting fresh peaches, and you can get in touch with her here, too!

Our community is growing quickly, and here are the latest members of The Raw Divas team:

Keely Bush, Customer Service Queen

Keely is a domestic goddess, artist and wife to "The Diva Dude", Bob. She also likes to cruise the web (a bit too much) in search of new raw recipes, inspiration for her own raw experiments, and tips from her fellow bloggers!

Keely first joined in on all the raw fun when she took her first 7-Day Diva Detox back in July of 2007. Although she had heard about the raw food movement years before, and along with Bob, had even had some training in raw food prep, it wasn't until the detox that things really clicked for her.

Now you can find Keely helping with all of your customer service concerns, or slinking around in the background in The Powder Room and sprinkling Kiwi Kisses here and there to keep things flowing! You'll also hear her on just about every teleseminar we do, backing up the team and making it all fall in place. You can get in touch with Keely here!

Tracy Neely, In-House Esthetician

What would a diva site be without beauty expertise?! Introducing Tracy Neely, our in-house esthetician bringing beauty tips and tricks for softer, younger looking skin!

Tracy is busy studying nutrition and holistic health in Orlando, Florida where she lives with her husband, Michael and their cute little tiger, Connor (1). Tracy says, "good skin care starts from the inside out" and we're excited to have her on the team! Be sure to send her your beauty questions watch our blog and weekly newletters for her recipes and pampering tools.

Monique Bastien, In-House Nutritionist

Aside from being a Nutritional Consultant, Certified Raw Foods Chef (a true dessert goddess), personal fitness trainer, speaker and instructor, is also mom of...Count 'em: 1, 2, 3, 4 kids!! 

To top it all off, you'd never believe that her oldest child is turning 20! Looking at her picture, you'd have to wonder if she's barely passed 20 herself! She is living proof that raw foods are beautiful.

Monique is our in-house nutritional expert and she is ready and eager to answer your questions about nutrition and the raw food diet! If you've got company coming for dinner, you'll definitely want to check out her tasty dessert recipes, too! Drop her a line, and she'll be delighted to hear from you.

Angela Elliott, In House Chef and oh so much more!

Angela Elliott is the author of Alive in Five and owner and operator of Celestial Raw Goddess Enterprises . She's a medical and Mastery Herbalist, Homeopath, Nutritionist, Aesthetician, Gourmet Chef, And Oh, oh Oooooh so much more. If we told it all, she'd make the rest of us look terrible. Bigger and better than the list of certifications is the fact that Angela has more passion, love and wisdom about raw foods than just about anyone we've ever met!

This Arizona native was raised by a world-renowned physicist/chemist and a gourmet French chef/writer whose occupations enabled frequent travel abroad and instilled in the young Angela a life-long fascination with various cultures. Angela lived in different countries, and spoke Swedish and Dutch fluently.

Angela has contributed to various publications, including Vegnews Magazine and Vegetarian Baby and Child Magazine, and has taught gourmet classes, holistic classes, lectured, and on occasion toured with Lou Corona, a nationally recognized proponent of living food.

Alexandra Jaye, Fitness Goddess and Crazy World Wide Adventurer!

When Alexandra Jaye isn't spinning the globe looking for her next adventure, she's passionately engaged in studying fitness, sports, nutrition and personal development.

She is a champion hurdler and all American Volleyball player with a degree in Sports and Fitness Management and Massage therapy. She's been a private trainer/health coach and massage therapist, owned her own spa and is a total fitness fashion show hottie inspiring women to embrace their curves and show off their gorgeous bodies!

We're honored and delighted to have AJ as our Fitness Goddess and look forward to sharing her wisdom and experiences with you.

But that's just the beginning...

The real heartbeat of what happens here at The Raw Divas, are women like you, who make it all happen; who share their stories of triumph and struggle, and who support one another on a journey to better health and happiness.

Why not pop into the Raw Divas' Community Forum,
The Powder Room, and start meeting hundreds of other women just like yourself, who are looking to improve their health, have more energy and be part of an amazing community of women from around the world?

And you?
How would you like to get involved in the Raw Diva Community?
Drop us a line and introduce yourself, we'd love to get to know you.
That's what Sisters are for!

(Check out our interview with Raw Food, Right Now!)

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