Faw Foodists and Rotten Teeth: What They're Not Saying
by Tera Warner

hungerEvery week, participants of our Body Enlightenment System come together to talk about their progress, concerns and share sisterly giggles. Last Saturday, it seemed dental issues were on the minds of our Divas, and in a major way. However, it wasn’t until we got our divas on the phone line that their concerns came to the surface.

Many of them felt afraid to speak up on the forums—not wanting to be negative and feeling like the failure was their's alone.

It’s no secret that raw foodists have dental issues on the brain, and yet, they’re practically whispering about it behind the scenes afraid to reveal their fear about the possibility that this miracle path to health may have some hidden traps.

Instead of finding solutions amongst ourselves, we’re left with false impressions. Those who struggle slip away disappointed and take their stories with them in silence.

I’m not an obsessive brusher. I don’t use any miracle potions or devices,  just a plain old purple toothbrush and dental floss. So far, so good. My raw food dental path has been relatively drama free. I can definitely pass along the tricks that I feel have helped me maintain that level of dental health.

But obviously, it's not been the same situation for everyone. And as long as dental issues continue to be forefront in the raw food movement, I think this discussion warrants further attention and research.

Raw Foodists and Rotten Teeth

drink waterHaving spent a great deal of time with a long time raw foodist who had literally been traumatized by dental experiences on the raw food diet, I have heard more than my fair share of dental drama related to raw foods.

I’ve also seen the mouths of many raw foodists who lost more than just their pearly sparkle and attribute the damage to the pursuit of the gourmet raw food approach of eating loads of dried fruit, nuts, and condiments.

If I could take all I've learned up until now, and summarize it in a few helpful tips, it would look something like this:

What You Can Do To Start Addressing Dental Health

1. Eat more greens.

(We’ll be announcing a Green Goddess Cleanse very soon to help those who are unfamiliar with this territory learn more about how to make green smoothies and get on the green bandwagon for better health.)

2. Eliminate dried fruits and excessive nuts.

3. Keep the consumption of orange juice or acidic fruits to a minimum.

4. Brush and floss, regularly!

5. Simplify your foods.

When you come back to the basics and clean out your system, you will be better equipped to observe your body’s responses and thereby make informed choices about what is best for you. Not informed by some long list of alpha-enzymatic whatcha-macallits. Informed by your experiences--what you have observed to be true by applying tools and information to your life. Our FREE 7 Day Diva Detox is the perfect way to make this happen.

6. Speak up!

When extremism creates an air of secrecy or fear to speak up about what’s NOT working, then we’re going backwards. When problems go unspoken, those who struggle to make the diet work pack in the whole thing assuming that none of it is worth applying.

Frankly, I’d rather see the whole world become thriving 50% raw foodists than a handful of obsessed extremists finally claim their fame to 100% Hall of Raw Fame. If something isn’t working for you, be willing to come out of the closet and say it.

Let’s create amongst ourselves a community of people who are willing to seek solutions collectively before throwing in the towel on ourselves or our health goals.

Our community forum, The Powder Room, is one of the best places to let that kind of communication happen. All divas are welcome to investigate this tremendous source of constant inspiration and support.

sleeping beauty6. Inform yourself

Karen Adler, creator of the internationally renowed Toothsoap and owner of Perfect-prescriptions.com has researched extensively the links between diet and dental disasters. She’s is truly one of the leaders in the natural health and beauty circle of entrepreneurs. On November 27th, we’re going to open up the lines for all divas to inform themselves about solutions while Karen answers our burning questions about your top dental concerns.

Something to Chew On

If all raw food gurus and health enthusiasts were open about what works for them, we’d have a better chance of getting where we’re trying to go in terms of health and healing on this planet. Until then, firey-tempered redheads like myself are left to blaze a trail in the name of truth, hoping that those who seek solutions will find them and in so doing reclaim the peaceful existence that is rightfully theirs.

You deserve to keep those pearly whites sparkling for a long time yet to come! Just be ready to walk your own path when it comes to knowing what ultimately brings you to your ideal health and happiness.

Reveals The Facts About Raw Foods and Rotten Teeth!

Karen AdlerIf you have been struggling with dental issues since adventuring on the raw food diet, then you DO NOT WANT to miss this call.

Karen Adler, creator of Toothsoap™ and the company Perfect-prescriptions.com, and The Raw Divas will be touching on the most controversial issues related to dental health, revealing not only the shocking dangers of common dental practices, but one woman's truth about diet and how that can affect YOU!

*This call is guaranteed to be controversial! But we've encountered one too many raw foodists with dental issues to stay quiet any longer!*

Listen to this interview HERE!

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