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Why not take a look around and uncover a wealth of information surrounding diets, types, and how they work. After all, this website is dedicated to those who share your desire to feel better, have more energy, and be a part of a wonderful global community.

What is a Diet?

Get a better understanding by looking at three different definitons.


"A regimen of eating and drinking sparingly so as to reduce one's weight."

University of Minnesota

"The food and drink a person consumes daily and the mental and physical circumstances connected to eating."

National Geographic

"A diet is the combination of foods typically eaten by a specific group of people or other organisms."

Types of Diets

  • Atkins diet (low-carbohydrate diet)
  • Zone diet (nutritional balanced diet)
  • Ketogenic diet (decrease in carbs and increase in fat)
  • Vegetarian diet (no animal-based food except eggs, dairy, and honey)
  • Vegan diet (no food that is animal-based)
  • Weight Watchers diet
  • South Beach diet
  • Mediterranean diet (nutritional habits of the people near the Mediterranean Sea)
  • Raw food diet (consuming non-processed food or drinks)
What & How

Does the Raw Diet Work?

The raw food diet is exactly as it sounds. the diet, as specified by several definitons on this website, consists of majority raw and unprocessed foods. A food is considered raw if it has not been cooked over 104-118 degrees fahrenheit. Although the majority of raw food diets are entirely plant-based, there are some people who eat raw dairy and eggs as well. Less frequently, raw meat and fish may also be included. On the raw food diet, taking supplements is often discouraged as well (learn more).

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